Pretty Organza Posies

These organza flowers are absolutely gorgeous. I can just see a bunch of them in cream and pale blues sitting in an ironstone pottery bowl on my dining room table. They would be fantastic pinned into a bridal or prom up-do, attached to a classic headband, or pinned to a lapel to brighten a dark winter’s coat.

The handmade set in red wine by supplier (shown left) would be stunning for a winter wedding.

Handmade Organza Flowers in Red Wine
by supplier

Pin a couple in the bride's hair, one for each of the bride's maids and one for both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. And at a very reasonable price, you may be able to request larger quantities to outfit the flower girls as well. (how adorable one of these would be pinned at the shoulder of the dress)

Another way to wear these are as clips on a pair of peep toe shoes, as shown by Clark and Diversey (shown right) or by jurgitahandmade (shown below).The clips add new life to the shoes and give them a very sweet and romantic look.

Ivory Bridal Shoe Clips with Rhinestones
by Clark and Diversey

                           "Mary" Ivory Organza Shoe Clips
                           by jurgitahandmade

The addition of pearls and rhinestones to the centers of the flowers give them that extra sparkle and make them oh-so-much-more glamorous.
Hmmm . . .I have a beige pair of heels not unlike the style shown left that would benefit by adding a couple coffee colored concoctions to.

Whether structured like the ones by supplier or David and Diversey, or more flimsy and whimsy like the ones by Reese Dixon or jurgitahandmade, these little beauties are sure to add interest to your existing wardrobe without a huge investment. Just attach . . .  and be prepared for the compliments.

Super crafty and wanna know how to make them yourself? tutorial here by Reese Dixon