Have you Missed me ?

I have been away, I mean, I haven't gone anywhere physically, but I've been away from here. From this blog. It seems like just a couple weeks, but in truth it's been months.

Life ran away with me. Or rather, I ran away with life. Together we eloped into a frenzy of office work, fashion sketching, pattern drafting, muslin making garment construction and (horror of horrors) . . . restaurant work. A second full time job.

Yes, despite my previous thoughts of not returning to work in a restaurant, the $13,000.00 for a new roof and balcony had other ideas. So back to prostituting my soul table side for $$ I go ! Okay . . . I'll admit I do love the industry, but no the long hours and the effect it has on my sleeping pattern, my eating pattern, my aching back-knees-calves-and-feet pattern. Essentially . . . my life pattern.

And silly me, I did this heading into the last term of my graduate program. Yes, I am crazy. Or a glutton for punishment. Or destined for design disaster. Time to tell. Time that I don't have . . . for things like this blog.

Because if you're paying attention, I now work 40 hours in the office, 35 hours at the restaurant and 12 hours at school, plus about 10 hours of homework. That's 97 hours per week. Yeh, I'm gonna have to go with "crazy" on this one.

So I think the next little while will be about posting inspirations and ideas and less about writing and actual "blog" blogging.

A blog without any real "blogging". Or blog writing.

You get the picture. Or you will, because there will be a lack of blogging.
Just pictures.
Which you will get.

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