it's all in the details . . . .

I adore beautiful packaging. (and for the purpose of this post I’m talking about gift wrapping and presents, not men . . .in which beautiful packaging is de rigueur). To this end, I save ribbons and bows to use again. I confess to ironing tissue paper to re-use. My closet is full boxes for decorating and using to give gifts in. I cringe a little when I see perfectly good gift bags being crumpled up and tossed away. Re-use people, re-use!

I believe attention to the details in a gift's presentation speak volumes to the extra care and thought a person wishes to express to the gift's recipient. Here are a few examples that I have found and enjoy - many of which use re-purposed or recycled paper products:

These Damask paper take-out boxes (shown right) from a download template by ThePoshEvent make a great impression. Order the download, print out the pdf file on your computer's printer and follow the simple directions to create beautiful gift boxes. Print on different colored stiff cardstock to fit your theme.

The Red Christmas with Snowflake (left) and Vintage Luggage Style (top of post) gift tags from ozzyandfelix are two examples of how a simple addition to the top of a gift can give it that little extra something.

While a beautiful bakery box won't technically make what's inside taste better, thoughtful pretty packaging can often indicate the quality of the yummy treats hidden within.

Better quality bakeshops and pastry chefs take pride in their craft and want to ensure their creations arrive in the best possible condition to be enjoyed. These Kraft Tote Bakery Boxes (shown right) and Transparent Macaron Cases (below)are just a couple of packaging offerings by fromsoul .

So take the time to create some lovely and distinctive packaging out of old Christmas cards, second-hand wrapping paper and scrap paper punch outs. You'll have fun being creative and be doing something nice for the earth while showing the recipients of your gifts your extra care.

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