The Appeal of Teal

Summer is here ! (sort of). The weather in Vancouver, BC has been a little mixed; mainly overcast but warm, with promising breaks in the cloud where the sun radiates through. Today was a sunny day, and I took the pleasure of sitting on the back veranda with some home made mango gelato and soaking up a little sun.

Seaside Hair Clip by FlowersFrom Fatima

Tones of Teal 2 Strand Necklace by silverbluedesigns

One of the colors I am drawn to this year for summer is teal. Somehow teal is telling me “sun” and “long walks along the beach” and “plenty of sun block”. Perhaps it has to do with my planned trip to Turks and Caicos next spring. Sun, surf . . .lazy afternoons in a hammock with the blue green waters as far as the eye can see.

Secret Garden Dress by Lirola

Refreshing and sophisticated, the mix of blue and green give lighter teal a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication.

To keep the soft, feminine qualities of soothing teal, try mixing this summer hue with lavender and pale pinks. A bright teal and pink create a sparkly clean, retro look. Make it art deco by pairing teal with white and black. Teal with gray or silver as well as terra cotta and light browns have a Southwestern (U.S.) flavor. Teal with orange or yellow creates a fresh, sporty look.

The color teal signifies trustworthiness, devotion and healing. It is also indicative of spiritual guidance and teacher.

If you are not sold on incorporating teal (or it's supposed property traits) as a full time addition to your wardrobe, I've included some great examples with links for you to add just a bit of Teal Appeal.

. . .How Does Your Garden Grow?

Yesterday I spent the morning working on my planter boxes. They were looking a little bare; it seems my plants are not filling in the spaces as I hoped they would. So the quick fix? Buy more plants of course! I always buy perennials because I don't see the point of buying the same plant again year after year. Which is why I don't plant marigolds or petunias or geraniums (sorry Dad).

I was looking for some flowering plants that would spread out and provide good ground
Garden Tools Letter Press Notes by paperlovelypress coverage instead of growing upwards. I decided on some Blue Star Creeper and some Creeping Speedwell, both of which sound like they will fit the job. I also selected some blue and white Lithodora, pink Saxifraga, Dwarf Bellflower and Blue Eyed Grass. I bought two purple lavender plants, but I don't think they will flower until next year.

Most of these plants will have/should have blue or pale purple flowers so the color palette will be unified. I say 'should have' because the tulips I planted last fall that were supposed to be pink came up orange. Soil content? Mislabelling? not sure.

Today I was visiting one of my favourite websites and saw that the front page had a lovely collection of gardening themed items. I've included a few with links for you to enjoy as well.

Happy Gardening