A Year of Pretty - March 01, 2014

Here we are, the first of March. February was a bit of a blur (okay, a whole big bit of a blur) because I was designing for two shows at the same time, both happening within the same week. Luckily, both shows had the same theme of The Great Gatsby.

Now it is the beginning of a new month. Time to start thinking about new projects. Which means time to be inspired .. .new ideas, new colour palettes, new textures, new tones.

Today's Pretty Post is another palette swatch designed by Design Seeds. This one is called "tagged hues".

I've written about Design Seeds before, and it's a great site for gaining inspiration from everyday items and coming up with beautiful colour combinations, like the one shown here. I will probably post a couple of these over the next few days.

Design away my friends . . . Design away !