Shed Some Light . . .

candle holder with bubble rim
Dining by candle light is on my list of “favourites”. You know, the list of things that make you a little weak inside, or that cause you to smile a little to yourself and those around you to ponder “hmmm, wonder what she’s thinking about”. That list.

I strongly believe that candlelight is amazing for chasing away the stress and worries of the day. Who can be in a bad mood when there is soft candle light? I mean, you skin looks amazing, your eyes become two deep pools for him to drown in . . . and you just look plain fabulous.

I came across these handmade beauties by Wapa Studio. Wapa Studio is effort of ceramics artist Ady Shapira in Moshav Avichail, Israel. This quite little village is surrounded by citrus orchards near the Mediterranean Sea. Really, who could ask for a more inspiring, idyllic settling to be creative.

Shapira studied ceramic design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Nearing the end of her studies in 2003, she opened her own studio where she specializes in designing and making objects that will provide light (such as the candle holders) from porcelain. Each item is hand-made using a hand thrown pottery wheel.

From the artist’s website “The moment I sat in front of a potter's wheel, I knew that ceramics is my way. I am very grateful that my passion became my livelihood and allows me to continue and create.”

Shine on Ady, shine on . . . .

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