These Boots Were Made For Walking . . .

The cool weather of fall has definately arrived in Vancouver and along with it the rain. That means one thing for footwear . . BOOTS !

Personally, I can't think of any redeeming features of UGG boots or the woolly mammoth things I've been seeing some people wearing. I mean, how attractive is strapping two dead beavers around your calves before heading out the door?

That being said, every wardrobe should have a good pair of stylish boots (although judging by the lovely lady to the left, that's about all she's got in her wardrobe right now).

over the knee stretch boots from Victoria Secret

I had been looking for a great pair of everyday boots for some time. Sure, I already had a half dozen or so pairs in my closet, but either one was too tall or the other I didn't really care for the zipper. Then while browsing through the stalls at the flea markets in Amsterdam . . . I found them. My perfect boots. They are black leather to-the-knee riding boots, lined inside and with a low profile heel. I put them on and they just fit so perfectly and were so instantly comfortable I wore them walking around the canals for the next 4 hours. And at €20.00, how could I not buy them? I found out later after I googled the brand name that JJ Footwear has been a making custom sized boots in Holland for over 80 years, and my flea market find was roughly a $350.00 steal of a deal.

The right (emphasis on "right") pair of boots can add class to a pair of jeans and a dress shirt worn on casual Fridays at the office or can be worn with a jersey t-shirt dress and tights for a night out. Classic boots will also last many seasons and are definitely worth the investment.

1. Black boot by Prada, $1,200,
2. Animal print boot by Manolo Blahnik, $1,495,
3. Caramel boot by Gianni Barbato, $1,535,
4. Brown crocodile boot, by Rocco P, $1,195,
5. Patent leather Dolce & Gabbana boot, $1,450,
6. Greenwich flat high boot, by Louis Vuitton, $1,490,
7. Dexter boot, $268 at Anthropologie,
8. Cherry-picked boot, $228, at Anthropologie

Look for classic styles in fun fall colors such as rust red or plum purple. Again, pair these with dark denim, a white shirt, a wide belt and some draping gold jewelry for a chic polished look, as shown by these ladies below:

Happy Shopping and Keep on Walking . . .

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