Joseph Clay Arts

I met Joseph Chiang (Jospeh Clay Arts) several years ago when we where placed side-by-side at the St. Thomas Moore craft fair. I was amazed at how intricate and detailed his porcelain pieces were. For example, when he created a mug or a display vase, he included a tiny, perfect ladybug on the handle or on the edge of the vessel. So perfect was the little bug that I had the urge to try and remove it and set it free outside. Ladybugs are his signature, and are added to pieces which represent luck.

Each of his pieces is hand made and a one of a kind design. He uses high-quality porcelain clay and most of the pieces are wheel-thrown with unique shapes. They are waterproof and safe for use. All the pieces are exclusively made with different designs and glaze techniques. After several firing processes and after going through a thorough and careful selection, only the pieces of his highest quality are made available for purchase.

Joseph’s designs and works of art have garnered him a long list of international awards. He was selected for the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design. He has won awards in exhibitions in South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Italy, China, Macau and Canada.

Joseph can be found displaying his creations most weekends at the Granville Island Public Market, and at the Circle Craft Christmas Market each year in Vancouver.

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