Stick a Fork in it . . .

Earlier today I was sitting in the window on a cold and dreary day, sipping a cup of tea and wishing for the sunshine. Or even just a little brightness in the day to lift my spirits.

And then there was a knock at the door . . . .

Look what arrived today! A new bracelet . . . made from an old fork. I’ve only worn it to the store and to the post office and already I have had three comments on how unique and interesting it is. And I have to agree.

One of the nice things about this bracelet is that it fits my small wrist comfortably, since it is more oval than round. I sometimes find wrist cuffs or cuff bracelets just don’t sit right when I’m at the computer. They keep banging around on stuff. I thought it was because they were too big. Then a light bulb went on and I realized it wasn’t necessarily the SIZE of the bracelet, but the SHAPE. Oval bracelets with the same circumference as round bracelets will move less because they sit flatter and have less room to go anywhere. Yes, I know it seems like a simple concept, and no, I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t figure this out before.

This design shown right (and mine, shown above) is by The Fork Whisperer. Each of the pieces is done individually so each one is different. Even though they are silver, there is something organic about the curves and shapes that the artist coaxes out of each utensil. The once straight and rigid tines appear softer and more graceful.

Anyhow, here are a couple examples of fork bracelets for you to enjoy and marvel over. A fork around your wrist you say? How bizarre, how unusual. I say how handy . . . in case you find yourself buying lunch from a street cart and are in need of some cutlery.

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