Provo Ponies

Ever wanted to go horseback riding on the beach? The sand beneath the hooves, wind blowing in your hair, ocean spray teasing you and your trusty steed?

Well today I crossed this off my Life List. I’m in Turks & Caicos, and not once but twice now I’ve taken Limbo for the task of surf, sand and horse.
Provo Ponies is located on the southeast end of the island of Providinciales in Turks & Caicos and owned by Camille Slattery. Started as a rescue operation, Camille and her family now include 21 horses and ponies amongst their friends. The horses are trained, exercised and conditioned to be completely relaxed with all levels of rider from beginner to advanced. That being said, Camille and her staff match ability to horse personality. Having ridden a few times, I was given Limbo; a friendly, high spirited 11 year old who loves to run down the beach and enjoys a good swim. Needless to say, my shoes and pants were thoroughly soaked.

The ride took 90 minutes, plus the getting mounted / started and the dismount / hose down. There are two rides per day; one in the morning and one in the late afternoon in order to avoid the hottest times of the day. I did the late afternoon rides, and the sun was just starting to dip when the horses turned back for home.

If it seems the ride back to the stables is faster than the ride out, it’s because it is. These horses all know their way home and what awaits them once they get there: a cool refreshing shower and a well-earned meal followed by a night’s rest. I could pretty much have let Limbo take the lead, save for the fact that he would run home and I was set on having a relaxing ride.
The first time out, I forgot to check my camera settings, and all the images were completely washed out. Of course, I didn’t realize this until we were back at the ranch and dismounted. Thankfully, I had the second trip already booked and the guide made sure I had several good photos. Book early, these trips fill fast since there are only two trips per day, and only about 12 to 14 spots per time slot.
The experience was a great one, and if I am ever lucky enough to find myself in Turks & Caicos again, horseback riding on the beach as the sun begins to go down will be on the agenda.

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