a Beautiful Idea . . .

It’s interesting how simple objects grouped together can create a wonderful atmosphere in a room. Take for example these offerings by Beautiful Details.

Beautiful Details is a husband and wife team based in Raleigh, NC. Andrew (husband) and Carol (wife), share a great love for the sea and the beaches that border it. The duo can often be found walking for hours along the shore, discovering seashells, shark’s teeth, sea glass, driftwood, and anything else interesting the sea wishes to leave behind for them. These are then taken to their home studio, where Carol puts her hubby to work on the technical and business side of the designs while she creates the inspirational and thematic aspect for the pieces.

“I'm a designer at heart,” says Carol. “By day, I'm a web designer. At night, I go to my home studio to create seashell and jewelry artwork. My favorite is creating the vintage sea life bottles. I love the look of the vintage aqua glass and the time-weathered clear glass (pearly look).”

“I come up with most of the inspiration for the items in our shop and Andrew is the consultant / assistant designer and the business side of our shop. He is great with color, power tools and the more technical side of design. He is the master of shipping all things difficult to ship! Doesn't matter the size, he can figure out how to get it there in one piece.”

Beautiful Details also has a blog, as well as a website. Their items are available to purchase online through Etsy.com.

So invocative of long walks on the beach in the early morning light. Reminds me of a certain someone and their recent trip to Turks & Caicos, no?

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