Tip of the Hat

The other day I stepped into an elevator. Inside was a gentleman who I suppose was in his early seventies. I say he’s a gentleman because upon my entering the elevator, he promptly removed his hat. And I have to admit that up until that moment, I was having a Bad Monday. Capital B. Capital M.

But when this man removed his hat at my presence, I couldn’t help but smile. I had been acknowledged (presumably as a lady); and it made me lift my chin higher and walk a bit more lightly. And maybe that’s the point.

Why don’t we wear hats anymore? I know men still do (and I’m not talking baseball caps or knitting caps). Think of the ranch hand tipping his Stetson with the anticipated “Ma’am”; or the octogenarians playing chess in the park. But what about us ladies? How many women do you know who routinely wear nice hats? I mean personally know. The Queen doesn’t count.
Remember those funny looking headpieces worn at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton? They are called fascinators for a reason. Love them or hate them, people were  in one way or another …”fascinated” with them. And they needed to be a bit extreme to capture their youth and whimsy. It wouldn’t work for the young princesses to wear the same style of hat that the Queen wears; they would come off looking old and frumpy. Although, the hats that the Queen wears give her a bit of youth and often add a touch of fun to her ensembles.

Sometimes the hat does make the man (or in this case, woman).
I love hats, and have several that I wear. In downtown Vancouver. For no reason. And when you think about it, you’re really wearing the hat for the people around you. I mean, you don’t see it while you’re wearing it. But each time I do wear one, at least one person will stop me and say “oh, what a lovely hat!” Which makes me to smile.

Which is reason enough for me.

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