Design Inspiration - part 5

It's here. My last term of school. My final project. My five looks that will walk down a runway and represent me. Daunting; capital D.

So, in anticipation, I'm going to start sharing a couple images of inspiration for my collection. Most of these are either from Pinterest or Etsy, and along the way they have lost their original links. If you recognize any of these, please let me know the source so I can give credit where it's due.

>>>The shorts/vest/sweater combo to the right is Chanel mistaking those iconic pearl buttons and the soft structured look. (in love with the layering and textures!)<<<

Which brings me to the theme of my collection: Softness in Structure and Architecture as Design. Think of the curves of the Sydney Opera House, or the swoop of the roof of the Richmond Oval (formerly the speed skating track for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics). I'm also evolking memories of travel while honoring classic design. (Whew! all that in five looks.)

I have most of my fabrics selected. All the patterns are made and test toiles put together. Cutting on the "real fabric" begins tomorrow night. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!

In the meantime, enjoy!

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