. . .How Does Your Garden Grow?

Yesterday I spent the morning working on my planter boxes. They were looking a little bare; it seems my plants are not filling in the spaces as I hoped they would. So the quick fix? Buy more plants of course! I always buy perennials because I don't see the point of buying the same plant again year after year. Which is why I don't plant marigolds or petunias or geraniums (sorry Dad).

I was looking for some flowering plants that would spread out and provide good ground
Garden Tools Letter Press Notes by paperlovelypress coverage instead of growing upwards. I decided on some Blue Star Creeper and some Creeping Speedwell, both of which sound like they will fit the job. I also selected some blue and white Lithodora, pink Saxifraga, Dwarf Bellflower and Blue Eyed Grass. I bought two purple lavender plants, but I don't think they will flower until next year.

Most of these plants will have/should have blue or pale purple flowers so the color palette will be unified. I say 'should have' because the tulips I planted last fall that were supposed to be pink came up orange. Soil content? Mislabelling? not sure.

Today I was visiting one of my favourite websites Etsy.com and saw that the front page had a lovely collection of gardening themed items. I've included a few with links for you to enjoy as well.

Happy Gardening

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