Vacation - Day 2, 3, 4 & 5

Well, it seems time has gotten away from me. Here we are on day 5 of my imposed "vacation". No real sewing yet, although I have zip-zagged all my fabrics and visited the local laundromat. They are all clean and ready to go. Note to self - next time take the fabric to the local laundromat late at night when there aren't as many sour-faced old ditties that will scowl at you for taking more than two machines.

I have spent some time with the aforementioned planter boxes on my patio. And my floors and bathrooms are gleaming clean. So I can at least cross those things of my "To-Do" list.

I have discovered a problem in my craft/sewing room. Well, technically not a problem, just something that I thought I had done but it seems I still have some work to do. I found a box of unpainted ceramic houses. Eight of 'em. Plus all the tiny village people. Uncleaned greenware. Great, another project to add to my list of things to get done. Hence - a problem.

The situation is further complicated because Mom already has about a dozen finished houses and no more room with the current display to add more. So poor ol' Dad will have to build on to the village and rig up more lights for the display this Christmas.

But I guess compared to world hunger and the global economic crisis it's not a big deal . . . .

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