I'd like to run away to . . . . .

It's Monday. I say it again . . .It's Monday. After a late night and an early 5am morning in order to do homework assignments, I am starting to feel the effects of too much to do and too little sleep. I have just two more weeks of pattern drafting and couture hand sewing classes and then I am free for the summer. Then I need to begin filling orders for pants and dresses for the fall collection.

If I could pick up and run away . . .

I like the dreamy-ness of this photograph, the subtle grace and whistfulness.

To walk barefoot on the sand in a beautiful frothy dress by Vintage Precious without cares. Bliss.

In the meantime, I will have to be content with a second cup of tea and some sinful chocolate caramel biscuits to get me through the day (store bought, I'm afraid).

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  1. Amazing, love your poem! What an honor, thank you for using my dress, can't wait to share. :)