It's a Cinch !

Call me crazy, but I like corsets. That symbolism of ultra feminine suppression to me is just . . . ultra feminine. 

I own several corsets, both steel boned (where the steel ribbings are inserted all the way around) and steel / plastic boned (where only the front ribbings and stays are steel and the rest are flexible plastic). And while I’m not a tight –lacer by any means, I do like hug of a properly fitting corset on my body, not to mention what it does for my already hourglass figure or how it makes me feel. . . like I want to bust out in cabaret tunes.

Corsets have also improved my posture. Working at a desk most of the day, there is a tendency to slouch over and not sit up straight. I find I am less tired and my shoulders are not as sore on days that I’ve worn a corset. My “work corset” is an under bust style, making it easy to breathe while still providing support to my back and core. And most importantly, people at work don’t see the top or tail of it peeking out of my suit jacket. Not that there’s anything wrong with showing off a great corset. Just maybe not in a meeting discussing Bailed Waste Productivity Forecasts.

Then again, maybe that would make the meeting more interesting.

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