Pocketbook Posies

dalilah collection (lined in peacock teal)
It’s happened to best of us. We get all dressed up . . .hair, make-up, beautiful dress and shoes. We’re ready all ready to go. Just grab our purse . . oh wait . . .this purse is way wrong for this dress.

I’ve seen it. It’s tragic. A gal all dolled up trying to push her purse behind her in a vain attempt not to draw attention to the mini duffle bag slung on her shoulder.

I love clutches. I have about 20 of them. At first it took some getting used to holding the things up between my ribcage and underarm, but practice makes perfect. I am happy to report I can now balance an underarm clutch and a champagne glass while still having one hand free to chat (yes, I tend to talk with my hands). I lead a rough life . . . .

melanie collection (lined in green)
So in the spirit of garden parties and wedding season, here is a wonderful selection of pocketbook posies by FIAZCO. Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, the designer creates limited addition handbags from high quality fabrics and fine silks. Each clutch is lined in 100% Dupioni silk with a seamless bottom to provide extra strength. Each purchase arrives beautifully gift boxed and you can request a personal note or label to be included.

natalie collection (lined in moss green)

From the designer’s website: “I've been designing and sewing since Barbie and Ken first started dating(my two best clients back in the day) I have a serious passion for fashion, and love creating.”

Like many home based businesses, FIAZCO specializes in customer service, and will work with brides and bridal parties to design custom clutches that with coordinate perfectly for the special day. And they make wonderfull bridesmaid keepsakes.

And so to the relief of hubbies and gents, very rarely will you have to say “Here honey, hold my purse”.

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