Little Black Dress by LanaStepul

Here are some fresh takes on the LBD (little black dress),created by LanaStepul. And while each dress is unique, they each definitelyembody classic lines and tailoring.

In addition, each dress is custom made to your measurements, so you are ensured of the perfect fit.

These dresses suit a pretty wide range of age groups. I could see them as prom or highschool party dresses or as bridesmaid dresses for an Italian wedding (where black is a common colour choice).

I would wear one for a night out on the town with the girls, a special dinner with the beau.  Heck, I'd wear one to do housework (though maybe not the gardening).

Maybe with my hot pink heels. Or the red ones. Although the shoes shown above left and above right also get my votes. These are the style of dress that don't need a lot of flashy baubbles and jewelry, since they stand out on their own. Inthis case, the jewelry would detract from the dress. A good pair of earrings, a slim line bracelet (diamonds of course) and you're done.

Is it appropriate to wear black to a holiday office party? I think so. I mean, I would, depends on the party. What do you think?

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