oh Chanel, how I adore thee

So I'm browsing on the Chanel website, deciding on my next purchase (ha!). There are the usual suspects: the white gold and diamond rings, the strands of creamy white pearls with the classic double CC. And then I come across this little number. So different, so avant garde . . and yet classic and refined at the same time. Which when you think about it is everything the Chanel brand stands for.

Listed in their Les Intemporelles de Chanel (The Timeless Chanel) collection, the description reads only "Diamonds and white gold necklace". Of course there is no price attached because I think at this point, if one were seriously considering adding this necklace to their collection, the price would be something dismissed with a lofty wave of a well manicured hand.

Now I'm not a big fan of making a fuss and big gifts at Valentine's Day. But for this? I would make an exception....

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