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Today’s little bit of lovely is brought to you courtesy of Nicole from The Paris Print Shop. Based in New York City, Nicole has a great eye for making the ordinary extraordinary when it comes to photography.

From her website; ”My shop offers photos from the Paris Color Project which began when I moved to Paris in 2009. What started as snapshots of my neighborhood evolved into a series of photographs that document color on the city’s streets. I’m drawn to the way color contrasts Paris’ neutral facades, the way layers of paint erode into a form of abstract art, and to the details that are often overshadowed by the Eiffel Tower and other iconic landmarks. Each image was discovered serendipitously while walking on an unfamiliar street. I sought out objects that resonated with the energy of the city, one particular color at a time.”

Nicole and her lovely images have been featured by Martha Stewart, Real Simple, The New York Times, and HGTV (and that’s only naming a few of who’s who). Her book “Paris in Color” by Cronicle Books is available in bookstores and boutique shops, including Anthroplogie.

In her shop, Nicole offers both single images and mini-collections. I especially like that a variety of sizes are available. You can opt for all one size in a series of four or nine images, or choose one large feature photograph.

For something really eye catching, you could do both: have a large print on the left, with a series of smaller images to the right of it. The collage style arrangement will be sure to get conversation going at your next dinner party.

Les photographies sont très chic, n'est-ce pas?

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