In the Garden . . . . and off to Victoria, BC

I have a new camera I thought I'd share a couple quick shots with you before I head out this weekend. Note the sprinkler was on overnight...hence the water droplets.

I'm taking my parents to Victoria, BC for a couple days. We'll meet up with my brother and his girlfriend for some family time. You see, my brother has been in the HMS Algonquin for the past three months, and he has a few days shore leave.

I'm taking my camera with me (but of course!). Victoria has a fair number of gardens, as well as heritage homes. We are staying at a B&B in an old mansion, so there will be lots of shots of the house and the grounds as well.

I'm really looking forward to this quick getaway. It's been some time since I've had a chance to travel. Okay, okay . . .so Victoria isn't really a big trip for me. It's a 90 minute car ferry across the water. But still, sometimes it's good to just get out of town.

And it will be the first time my mom has been away since we went to Seattle in Feb 2011. Dad doesn't travel much; I'm surprised Mom got him to agree to go. He's happiest in the yard with his garden and flowers. And looking at these beauties here, who would blame him?

There are only a couple weeks left before I head back to school and a full schedule again. Three classes this term: Collection Illustration, Couture and Draping. Pretty excited, since couture sewing and fabric draping are two areas I will need to focus on for my collection. It's all starting to come together . . .

Anyhow, enjoy the photos. Happy Weekend !

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