A Year of Pretty - January 27, 2014

Happy Monday ! Today's Pretty Post is this gorgeous overhead shot of some amazingly stunning ballet costumes as the dancers wait backstage.

I found the photo on Pinterest. There was no credit given to the photographer. I have no idea where the photo originated from. I know, I know....so disappointing.

You can almost feel the anxiety of waiting in the dancers . . .wait . . . wait . . . okay, GO now!

I like how each dress is a little different from the next. Knowing how many hours of handwork are involved in making a performance dance tutu, I can only surmise that these dresses would run about $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 each and take weeks to complete. Costumes are intended to last for many years; The Royal Ballet will use costumes for 25 to 30 years!

The one area of the costume that sees the most wear and damage is at the waist line, but actually doesn't come from the dancer herself. Instead, it's a result of those sweaty man-hands of her male partner when he continually lifts her or holds her as she spins. This very often causes the fabric to discolour and deteriorate.

One of my dream jobs (yes, I have a few) would be to work on dresses such as these and then see them in action under the lights, full of movement and grace as they move across the stage.

For a great video on the life of a performance tutu, be sure to watch this video from the New York City Ballet, narrated by Mark Happel, Director of Costumes. Or this one from The Royal Ballet on the making of the Lilac Fairy's costume for Sleeping Beauty.

Enjoy your day and best wishes for the week ahead.

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