A Year of Pretty - January 29, 2014

Yesterday I prattled on about the speed at which January flew by. Today's Pretty Post also is about the passage of time with this image of a vintage alarm clock and its reflection on a glass surface.

There are a couple different thoughts that this image provokes. The reflection of time. How reflection takes time. Does time reflect itself? Do we spend enough (or too much) time in self reflection?

The original image is from a listing on Etsy by Bree's Treasures by Bree Madden of San Diego, CA. She is a self taught photographer who enjoys nature and spending time on the beach.

Most of her images are muted and pastel colours of the outdoors, the beach and the nature she finds there. Seashells, water birds, pale pink blossoms and teal ocean waves dominate her collection. The images look great together as a collage, and she offers several different print sets ready to be displayed in your home.

So before time runs out (yes, I know . . . bad pun), have a wander over to her Etsy page and browse through her art work. The prints would make for some nice additions to a guest room, guest bathroom or a child's nursery.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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