Fabric Finds - part 1

I have a passion for fabric; a crazy obsession really. I have piles and piles of fabric that I’ve bought and have no idea what I will use it for . . .or even if I will ever know what to use it for. Fabrics that I have fallen in love with and just felt a need to have.

In Seville, Spain, I bought six meters of scarf weight silk in a bold blue, yellow and orange pattern in order to copy the dress shown right (though poor girl, the designer neglected to match the pattern on her backside) That was in 2008. Now 2011, the other day I found the fabric . . still wrapped in tissue and then in paper and tied with string. Below that was a 3 meters of eggplant purple beaded lace I oohed and aahhed over in Tomar, Portugal - no idea how I will use it. Embroidered wedding white satin from San Francisco - no wedding in sight. The palest of pink crepe from Paris. The list goes on . . . through four huge Rubbermaid storage bins.

Tomorrow I go back to school to study fabrics and design. In particular design for costuming for stage, ballet and opera. That’s right, I’m going to Tutu School. I am immensely excited, especially since this will give me a viable excuse to buy more fabric.

I really enjoy using different fabrics together, whether it be the same colour be different textures, or the same texture but different colours within the palette. Imagine a full length dress flowing with three complimentary tones of pale blue.

There are several fabric designers that are brilliant at offering coordinating fabrics within a same line, such as Lila Tueller (shown here right and offered by spiceberrycottage)

Or, mix n’ match fabrics in complimentary tones from several different designers as done by fabriccloset (shown here left and several of which I have tagged as My Favourites on Etsy and am seriously enamored with). I may not know yet what I want to make with these fabric combinations, but they do call to me and inspire me to be creative.

It’s a good thing I have a separate room just for sewing and fabric storage.

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