If Two By Sea. . . .

Nature truly is remarkable. Some of the simplest, most beautiful forms can be found in nature. Take for example, the shape of a seashell. Or a starfish. Or these beautiful sea side delights:

Star of the East creates beautiful and interesting jewelry using the natural shapes offered by the sea near their home in Marmaris, Turkey. This mother –daughter team (Esther and Estella respectively), work together sourcing, designing and creating each unique piece. Originally from the Netherlands, the duo is inspired by the beauty of the landscapes, the colours, the traditions, and even the smells of their adoptive country.

shown above: pink copper urchin pendant necklace by Star of the East

You are sure to garner many compliments when wearing these pieces . . . .from “Where did you find that?” to “Wow, isn’t that beautiful”.

shown left : bouquet of shell ring by Star of the East.

Perfect for the summer on tanned skin, yet lovely in the cooler weather with a dark suit, these pieces are daytime or nighttime appropriate in that they are unique enough to stand out, but do not scream for attention. The examples shown here are all in the same colour pallet, so even though they don't match exactly, you can wear them together. Although, I would probably shy away from the TOTAL seashell look of earrings, necklace, ring AND bracelet, and instead opt for just the earrings and a bracelet one day and then the neckalce and a ring another day. The Rule of Focus when it comes to jewelry: one near the face, one near the hand . . .keep your audience focused on your eyes and your hands without becoming too distracting or over accessorized else you risk the Ivana Trump Syndrome: "too much glitz, not enough focus".

Now go put on that little summer dress and those flirty heeled sandals . . .Happy Summer !

show below: enamel and pink urchin necklace by Star of the East

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