In my dream kitchen . . . .

How beautiful is this hand crafted bar and extention table by artavironi ?

I have a fair number of bottles of wine. At last count . . .73 bottles of red, 15 of white and six of bubbles. Mmmm . . .bubbles. . . .

So this bar set up would not be ideal for my current collection. Not to mention that I already have a center island between my kitchen, living room and dining area. But a gal can always dream, and when imagining my dream kitchen, an illuminated wine cabinet and bar area would be near the top of the list.

Now this walnut wine cellar which holds up to 260 bottles and has space for wine glasses would be more ideal. I especially like that it is build to work as a corner unit. And the dark wood color would work with my dark crown moldings and base boards. However, finding a corner large enough in my living or dining room would prove to be a challenge, as all the wall lengths are chopped up by either windows or doorways.

Ah, the confines of small apartment living . . . I think I need a glass of wine.

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