Beautiful Baubles

I love beads, I love baubles. And these beautiful baubles are created by the husband and wife team of Valentin and Patricia Hernandez; also know as Atlantis Glass & Bead.

Working out of their home studio in southern California for close to ten years, these two artists anneal their beads in a digitally controlled kiln. This helps ensure two things: the highest quality in their pieces and the beads' increased strength over glass beads that do not receive this special sauna.

These beads are made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its range of colour spectrum, clarity in colour and consistent strength, which all help to make it an ideal choice to work with when designing jewelry pieces than can be enjoyed for generations. Borosilicate also refracts light more readily than Murano or other “soft glass” mediums . . which translates as “more sparkle from your baubles” . . .

These individually unique pieces are best displayed with as little fuss as possible; a silver wire, an organza ribbon. They don’t need any other sparkle such as crystals or gemstones to help them stand out. And because no two beads are the same, nor repeated, you will truly be owning one-of-a-kind piece of arts with these.

For the purpose of this exercise, I chose a series of examples of their blue-green bead sets but Atlantis Glass & Bead offers a whole range of color options to choose from.

Let the compliments begin . . .

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