Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . or floor, or dressing table . . .

Today’s clever trick is how to increase the look of your space without increasing your physical space. Confused? Think of a restaurant or a store that has mirrors on either side of the room. The space seems to go on endlessly. But yet the physical space may not be that big at all. Ah haaaa !Here are a few examples of mirrors I have found that would help you increase (and yet not increase) your space.

I have several large floor to ceiling mirrors in my home, and often guests remark "Oh, your place is so spacious and roomy!", when in reality it's not. It's about 1100 sq feet. Large by downtown living standards, but then I don't live downtown. Maybe my place just is roomy compared to their 400sq ft downtown dwellings. There is something to be said for not choosing to live downtown. But I digress . .

Back to the mirrors. The examples shown here are all either rectangle or square, but you could go with any shape. I particularly like the frames on these, and they illustrate how ornate and fancy-smancy frames can work with contemporary or modern furniture.

Another good source for finding mirror ideas is by searching on Pinterest (yeh Pinterest! my new favourite way to waste time!). I also found some great ideas on the websites lehuge and decorativemirrorsonline , but since both of these are based in the UK, shipping such a large mirror would probably end up costing more than the mirror itself. Still, it's nice to get ideas.

If you're handy, you could opt to build your own mirror. Local building centers and hardware stores have many choices of decorative crown moldings and baseboards to choose from. Decide the dimensions of your finnished mirror including frame, have the customer service rep cut the pieces on a 45 degree angle (or do this at home yourself if you have the tools and the know how.) the frame together, clamp, allow to dry, paint, stain, vanish, insert your mirrored glass . . . .eh, might be cheaper and less stress to purchase one. However, I will tell you from experience that transporting a store bought mirror this size presents its own challenges.

Whichever route you decide to go, a large mirror will add interesting detail and become a conversation piece. It is interesting how a room will look completely different when viewed in the mirror.

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