Sweet Sofa !

I am in the process of recovering my sofa. Make that SOFAS . . . as in I have four of ‘em. Well, technically I have a sofa that seats three and then a three piece sectional with a chaise lounge. The cat has decided that she does not care for the current fabric on the sectional and so has attempted to remove it herself. Hence the need to get it recovered.

I also love fabric and can not bring myself to part with the often beautiful pieces I have left over at the end of a project. I’m not talking simple synthetics or bits of broadcloth . . .I’m talking half meters of embroidered silk taffeta or supple soft suede.

And then I fold THIS chaise lounge by namedesignstudio and lemme tell you . . .my eyes got wider, my mouth dropped open . I am in LUST for this piece. But at $2,200.00 and $500.00 in shipping costs from Istanbul, Turkey (and unmentioned import duties and taxes), it is a little outside of my price budget right now. And only because I’m still looking at getting new drapes and having my dining room table refinished. Otherwise, it would be on the next flight home to me. Never mind that it would drive my cat bonkers.
So my solution is going to be to take all those lovely pieces of fabric I have left and create the same effect. In a slip cover. Not the frilly slipcover your grandma has in her sitting room with the ruffles and bows at the arm rests. No, a sleek, close fitting slip cover with button detailing and shaped darts that I can take off and have professionally cleaned.

Mais, c'est clever, non?

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