A Year of Pretty - December 02, 2014

Have you written your letter to Santa?

Each year, millions of children write to Santa with their deepest wishes and desires. In Canada, there is a special address operated by the Canada Post just to receive (and respond) to these letters. In Vancouver, there is a huge post box set up near Canada Place where children and their parents can drop off their letters.

In our family, letters to Santa are still required, and must be submitted no later than December 01. Of course, we don't mail them to the North Pole. Instead, we pass them along to "Santa's Helpers", who conveniently live at my parents' house.

Santa's Helpers are very busy people. So, these helpers greatly appreciate any additional information such as store location and/or website address that would help save them time and/or money. I know, I know...it's not about the gifts. But it is about making other people happy.

And honestly, it also takes a lot of stress out of trying to figure out what gift would make another person happy; especially when you have family members who are a little hard to pick out gifts for. My dad is a classic example. I could bake him his favourite cookies or sew him a beautiful shirt, but without the list I wouldn't know that what he REALLY wishes for is a set of four tire racks to hang his winter tires in the garage during the summer (and if anyone has any ideas on where to HIDE four tire racks in the meantime, please let me know).

So in honor of anyone beginning to stress about what to give those hard to shop for people on your list, today's Pretty Post is this cute illustration of posting letters. I'm not sure who the original artist is. I tried to decipher and search the name of the artist's mark in the bottom right corner, but with no luck.

Stay happy and healthy, and fingers crossed that Santa or his Helpers are working on making your Christmas wishes come true.

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