A Year of Pretty - December 04, 2014

Today's Pretty Post is in keeping with yesterday's theme of warm yummy drinks on a cold winter day.

I found the photo on Pinterest with no reference to the original author, but with a little digging was able to trace it back to dose.com, where there is a whole segment on lattes and cappuccinos with different fancy-schmancy designs on them.

Not one for wanting a kitty cat or a ferret, or of all things Psy / Gangnam Style....I like the Eiffel Tower. It makes me think of my recent trip to Paris, and of all the little French cafes where people sit with their afternoon coffee and watch the city buzz by.

And then I remember all the smoking (Paris cafes do not have the same non-smoking rules we do here in Vancouver. You can light up whenever, wherever when it comes to outdoor eating).

On second thought, I think I'll just stick to my tea on the comfort of my sofa and watch the rain run down the glass.

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