How Can I Not . . . .

. . . be inspired ?

Today is my last day at work (the official-pay-the-bills-office work) before having to take 3 weeks off. You see, my boss is leaving for Italy for 3 weeks and my services will not be required during the time that he is out of the office.

So . . this will give me 3 whole weeks to work on all those creative projects that I have been meaning to do. I have crown molding to paint, tiles to re-grout (yes, I know - how glamorous !) and a patio full of planter boxes that are in need of a little T.L.C.

The break will also give me time to delve into the mountains and mountains of fabric I've recently bought. The local fabric store recently had a "Buy 1 Meter, get 3 Free" sale, and let me tell you . . .I participated. Some fabrics I bought 3 meters, therefore receiving 9 more meters at no charge. . . I am seriously considering taking it all to a laundromat and loading up six or seven machines at once to pre-wash it all, especially with the denim.

So expect a whole collection of new spring / summer clothing for both tykes and princesses within the next month. Until then . . .you can find me in my sewing room.


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