Pudding 'n Lace . . Welcome !

I make a dessert for my family called Pudding ‘n Lace, which always earns rave reviews. I think it’s the smooth creamy texture of vanilla pudding paired with the crisp and spicy taste of lacey gingersnap tuille cookies . . . each is in itself lovely, but together they form a wonderful combination simply because their contrast in texture and flavours compliment each other. This is what you will find here: the blending of the things I enjoy in a way that complement each other. Many of them I will have created myself. Others are from fellow creators and artists that inspire me or whom I admire. Ideas for all things creative and sources to purchase them (both locally and internationally) for those not so creatively inspired but who still crave pretty things. Pudding ‘n Lace is the amalgamation, the fusion (or perhaps more aptly – the mish mash) of many of the things that I wish to share with you.

I am based in Vancouver, but have had the wonderful opportunity to travel through England, France, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, The Netherlands, Canada and the United States. Upcoming trips include Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, New Zealand and Turks & Cacios. During my travels I have seen some wonderful things to inspire me which I have photographed. Some items I have been able to bring back with me. Vintage French silk covered buttons from Paris, intricate lace from Seville, smoked Gouda from . . .well . . .Gouda.

So grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine (naturellement, j'adore les deux), relax, unwind and enjoy.


. . . mmmm, french pastries in Paris

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