Vacation - Day One

How great does it feel to sleep in on a Monday when you know everyone else is hard at work (or perhaps just "at work")?

I spent the day with my Mom. Which is also a pretty great way to spend a Monday. We had tea and strawberry pineapple meringue cake (thanks Karla and Karla at Cin Cin) and sat on the back veranda and just hung out. Then when Mom had to go teach, I went and picked up some things for dinner.

Since we each had full schedules on Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day on Monday as well. I grilled a whole salmon with fresh herbs from the garden and sliced lemons and limes, along with roasted new potatoes and seasoned asparagus. For dessert I made one of Dad's favourites: a citrus cheesecake which I topped with macerated fresh pineapple and mango. Yummy indeed.

I also started a vegetable soup . . . onions, garlic, leeks, celery, carrots, asparagus deglazed with half a bottle of Champagne Rose that had gone flat . . . I've left it slowly simmering away quite contently and will probably puree it later or maybe just leave it as is . . .It's so great to not have to make any tough decisions while on vacation.

I took some pretty pictures of the garden, which has all kinds of things blooming and sprouting right now. To the left is a vibrant blue delphinium that I bought for the garden last year. Above are a couple of hot pink peonies from one of the three bushes planted a few years ago.

Dad has reunited with his green thumbs lately and decided to germinate some packages of seeds that he didn't know what they were. He now has 120 lettuce plants, so if anyone is in need of a salad in about four weeks, just let me know.

The downside? I didn't get any sewing done. On the bright side, I came home with containers of salmon, potatoes & asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and a dozen farm fresh eggs. . . enough leftovers to last me a couple days at least.

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