Apartment Green Space

One of the drawbacks to living in an apartment is a reduced amount of garden space. Enter GreenWallNL and these unique and interesting living wall sculptures.

Based on the larger Vertical Garden designs by Patrick Blanc that are appearing around the world, the Netherlands based designer built her own small scale version in her living room and began experimenting with different plant types, water levels and required lighting. After much positive feedback from friends and family as well as being featured on HGTV, she decided to create DIY kits for people to build their own at home.

The wooden black frame comes ready to be planted. Instructions are included with the kit. Choose you own plants from your local garden store (suggested plants include ferns, ivy, and asparagus . . . but it's up to you - as long as the roots don't grow too deep). The frame is easy to water from the backside; just remove the frame from the wall and add a tiny bit of water when needed. The bottom of the frame is made watertight, but to be safe keep the frame down from the wall for half an hour to ensure no water spills.

These would look great hung in a series of three or four, staggered and in various sizes. Or, switch them around from time to time to keep it interesting. Sort of an interactive living art work sculpture.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this post! I love your site, shared it on Facebook & Twitter! Keep up the good work! (GreenWallNL)

  2. thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you're enjoying the site and sharing with others.

    I thoroughly enjoyedmy trip to The Netherlands last year and plan to return again in Aug 2012.