TuTu Chic

As a designer and a lover of pretty fabrics, I have always been intrigued by tutus and the world of ballet couture. While the stiff and formal performance tutu demands a certain amount of respect (it's construction being formidable), the longer bell-shaped tea-length tutu is graceful and romantic. Think of all those Sugar Plum Fairies in The Nutcracker, or the myriad of swans in Swan Lake.

TutusChic is based in Palo Alto, CA and will be featured in Martha Stewart's Wedding Magazine Spring 2011 issue.

The creations of a former professional dancer turned designer, the tutus are constructed with the dancer's body and movements in mind. However, this does not exclude a non-dancer from purhasing one to wear around the house while vacuuming . . .

Have a look at this beautiful long tutu skirt in chocolate and cream by TutusChic. The skirt is composed of four layers of cream tulle topped with a light and frothy layer of chocolate tulle. The waist band is a decadent caramel chocolate satin.

This tutu skirt would be wonderful for attending a late spring or summer wedding celebration. Or for sipping tea and nibbling on petite sandwiches and enjoying strawberries with cream in the garden. Or walking along the beautiful shops in Paris. See how it has been paired with a long sleeve henley style shirt and a pair of flip-flops in the photo shown right. (model photos appear courtesy of Lucy Snowe Photography).

What I'm saying is that tutus are not just for attending the ballet. Nor are pointe shoes required.


  1. I love what you wrote and so well! Lovely story and I heartily agree having worn both the classical ballet tutu and these tea length that I make. Would it be possible at all to give photo credit to my good friend and talented photographer Lucy Snowe instead? She actually did the model shot not Jodie.
    Model photos appear courtesy of Lucy Snowe Photography:

    Again with much appreciation and admiration!

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  3. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for the great feedback. I've made the change to the photo credits. Thanks for the heads up.