Roll On . . .

Looking for an interesting gift for the baker or kitchen-savvy friend who seems to have every kitchen gizmo and gadget imaginable? I came across these gorgeous rolling pins offered by hobbyco, which would make a very unique gift regardless of the time of year. Not only are they beautiful and would look great hanging as a decorative item, but they are functional.

Naturally finished with no paint make them safe for everyday usage. With repeated use, the natural oils from both your hands and from baking (butter, shortening and lard in all those sugar cookie and pie pastry dough recipes) will only add to the polished beauty of the wood over time.

I also like the different handle styles that are available, such as the one shown above right, which make for easier gripping and less slippping.

The rolling pins each have several layers of salad bowl oil which makes for a durable finish. The care for these beauties pretty simple ~ wash by hand with a warm soapy wash cloth, rinse, dry with a towel. Never put in the dishwasher or let soak in water. To refresh the high shine, just rub with salad oil and buff with a soft cloth.

Each one is individually made, so no two will be exactly the same. Which means having a collection of them would be an eye-catching display and make you look like you know your way around the kitchen (even if you have trouble making toast in the mornings).


  1. How very interesting and beautiful wood work! I'm glad I found you.


  2. Hi Karina! Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by. So glad to have you along . . .