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Today I'm having a look through some images I've saved. I'm in the process of cleaning up my computer to get ready to transfer everything over to a NEW computer.

Here is a really cute idea I found it on Pinterest. No recognition was given to the original post, twenty links later.

I like this idea for several reasons. The bag in itself is a great gift. But use the bag as a way to give another gift inside and you know that scores big bonus points with me. The bag can be used as a book bag, to carry a pair of slippers (am I the only one who still does that? Has a pair of slippers in the car for when visiting? Then again, I also have a pair of flip flops in the car for impromptu pedicures).

I'm inspired to make some of these bags to put baked goods in; of course wrapping the baking first in cellophane so that it won't stain the cloth bag. This idea would also work well in a Christmas theme to give away treats at the office, to the neighbor, the postman, the piano teacher..... oh, think of all the possibilities.

I will see if I get around to making some this weekend. If I do, I'll be sure to post photos of the process so that you can make your own.

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