Today on Etsy - September 01, 2012

So it's the start to a new school year. Well, it will be on Tuesday the 04th, anyhow. To celebrate, I am starting a new feature called "Today on Etsy". Essentially, it will be a short post with something lovely that I have found on Etsy. Some of these items will be coming to live with me, some of them I will just crave and covet from afar.

Some days I will add text and talk about the item and the story behind it. Some days I will just keep quiet and let you enjoy. I welcome your comments. Thumbs Up? or Thumbs Down? AND....if you purchase the item, leave a comment below about the item once you receive it.

And of course, some items will be more popular; which means an item might be sold before you are able to get to it. While this will not be my fault, I do feel your pain.

To start, here is a sweet little hat from happydayvintage.

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