Beautiful Ballerinas

When I think of the word ballerina, a few images come to mind. Beauty. Poise. Grace. It is no wonder so many parents enroll their little girls (or boys for that matter) in ballet classes. For the child, it’s a chance to play dress-up and dance around the room to music. For the adult, it’s the opportunity to live vicariously through those moments. Go on, admit it.

My mom was a dancer until her late teens. There are several pictures of her en pointe, tulle tutu sticking stiffly out around her. I too was enrolled in ballet; mom took me to buy the shoes and she patiently worked with gauzy chiffon to sew me my first dance skirt. I remember wearing these to grandpa’s house because I was insistent in showing him my steps. He was so proud, but maybe some of that pride was remembering another little dancer – my mom – when she was young.

I ended my ballet early on though; I told my mom the change room was stuffy and stunk and I didn’t want to go back. So we focused on ice skating and swimming. But every once in a while I think about trying an adult ballet class to improve elements common in dancers of the genre: Poise and Grace.
Even the word Ballet contains a certain degree of beauty in the height and rhythm of the letters: up for b, down for a, then two stilts in the middle like dancer’s legs for the l’s, down again for e and finally up for the t. Up, down, up-up, down, up. Sort of like skipping along.

Now say it with me….”Ballet…I’m going to the ballet.” You drew out the second syllable and gave it a slight French air at the end, didn’t you? 
This week I found some lovely ballerina fabric in two colours: yellow and purple. It also comes in pink, but it wasn’t in stock (not surprised). And so I’m working on designing a dress that showcases both the fabric and those three hallmark elements: Beauty. Poise. Grace; while still being functional enough for every day wear.

Because if I were still a little girl, I’d want to feel like a ballerina as often as possible.

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