Today on Etsy - September 12, 2012

okay, maybe this came from Etsy...maybe it didn't. I can't remember. I can't find it on Etsy under my "Favourites"...I've searched through all 45 pages.
But I like the rustic-ness (is that a word?) of the linen fabric in contrast with the delicate elegance of the buttons and lace-like embroidery.

And the neutral colour would go with a number of different springs to mind. Or navy blue. Or sage green and cream.

So enjoy, be inspired...see you tomorrow !
* * Update - March 13, 2013...... I found it ! the pillows pictures are offered by Urvi Agrawal of The Home Centric. And I am happy to report I have bought a few pillows from this online Etsy store now (both for my place and for friends as gifts), and they are all beautiful. I have linked the included photo back to the item available, but hurry before it's gone...or I decide it needs to come live at my place.
And so again, enjoy!

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