A Year of Pretty - February 01, 2014

First day of February. The month of St. Valentine's Day and love. Of my Oma's birthday. Of my nephew's birthday. Of the birthstone amethyst; that brilliant purple gemstone with suggested healing powers and soothing properties so beloved by ancient Egyptians and modern enthusiasts alike.

This beautiful amethyst, diamond and pearl cuff-style bracelet is a great example of how regal an amethyst can be, seemingly without even trying. Unfortunately, there was no original source given with the photo, except to say I found the image on Pinterest. C'est domage, I would have liked to add something like this to my collection.

I like this piece because it could be worn with either denim and a tailored shirt or dressed up for an evening on the town. I don't even mind the heart-shaped stone (I am not a fan of heart-shaped anything. Except cookies and chocolates. The shapes on those are not essential to their overall function).

To learn more about this regal birthstone, its history and its long running appeal, you might want to head over to my posting from a little while ago titled "The Regal Amethyst".

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