A Year of Pretty - February 15, 2014

Ahhhh, the day after Valentine's Day. The day when all chocolates and roses are at least half price and restaurants still have their special "Surf and Turf for 2".

Admit it. At least once you have waited until the day after to pick up that big box of treats for your sweetie. Or two days after, when the roses are still good, but now you can buy twice as many for the same obscene price and look like a super hero?

My parents actually have an agreement. No flowers of candy on Valentine's Day. Then three days later they spoil each other. Anyone who comes to the house (my Oma especially) thinks my dad went all out for my mom. Truth is, my mom prefers it this way. She doesn't really like my dad spending all kinds of money on her, specifically on flowers that are over priced and shipped in from South America. He still wants to spoil her, but he saves money...she still gets treats, she shares them with him; everyone is happy.

So even if you didn't get a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day (or double the amount the next day), here is my Valentine's Day gift to you...a day after and just as yummy.

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