A Year of Pretty - February 11, 2014

It's February, and still cold outside. We're still a few weeks off before the first flowers start popping up in the yard.

So, in order to tide you over until then, today's Pretty Post is this floral presentation of garnets and diamonds. There is enough sparkle in this cocktail ring to keep you warm well into spring. A whole 6.31 karat weight worth of sparkle.

Price tag? $2995.00. The ring is produced by Borsheims, but is currently not available.

I like the open fret work on the band and the different coloured garnets along the sides. The ring design consists of a number of different gemstone cuts; brilliant cut diamonds, baguette cuts on the sides, cylinder cuts for the petals in graduating sizes, and round cut garnets in the center. All set in 18K gold.

This? . . would make someone very happy for Valentine's Day. If one believed in Valentine's Day, that is.

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