A Year of Pretty - February 04, 2014

A few years ago I started with making jewellery. Nothing super complicated of fancy; mainly just beads on string. One of the designs I did a lot of were these three strand "freedom" necklaces. I designed them because my Oma was starting to have troubles with opening and closing traditional lobster-claw clasps. This "freedom" necklace let her just loop the strands around and not have to fuss with tiny closures.

Sometimes she would wear just one strand, sometimes all three. Or, she would take one strand from one set (pink) and mix it with two strands from another set (black and grey). She would make these intricate loops and twists and a lot of people would comment on how put together her jewellery always looked.

Today's Pretty Post reminds me of when I was first starting out to design, the technical stuff I had to work out. Which type of string to use. Would it be strong enough. Would tiger tail wire be better (it was). Would it be flexible enough (not really, but it beats having all the beads spill all over the floor when the silk/nylon thread broke).

I still have one or two of these necklace sets left. One is in freshwater pearls and pink rose quartz; very much like the one shown here. I also have a jet black and crystal one that I like to wear with a simple little black dress. My mom has a blue one with Murano glass beads, blue pearls and crystals; which she wears either with a men's dress shirt and jeans or with a dark blazer and slacks when teaching.

This photo also presents a different way to wear such a necklace, and is very much in keeping with the Great Gatsby Inspiration project I am working on. Perhaps I'll pull out my two necklace sets to accessorize my garments as the sashay down the runway.

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