A Year of Pretty - February 16, 2014

I've been holding on to this picture for a while now. I don't know it's original source but to say it came from Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest.

My hair is this long, and has the same wave to it; looks to be about the same texture too. But it's not this red. I mean, it's definitely got red (my mom was a red head, my dad was dark brown), but not this red. But I could very well do this look because like the gal in the photo, I too have pale skin. And I have green eyes.

What I don't have is bangs. Not sure about having bangs. Probably because mine would just go all curly in the wrong direction. I know this because I had bangs when I was little; and then again through high school. And every morning my bangs and I would have this struggle. And I would never win.

So yeh, no bangs for me.

The colour though? Yes, I could do this colour.

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