A Year of Pretty - February 12, 2014

It's cold outside; cold enough to snow.

Yesterday there were a couple of flakes that drifted their way down, but not enough to stick around.

So, in honour of the threatening snow and my Oma's upcoming birthday . . .

Today's Pretty Post is a beautiful amethyst and diamond brooch in a snowflake motif. I have a thing of brooch snowflakes; I just like their shape I suppose.

The designer is Margherita Burgener, but the link to the photo from Pinterest was broken. I couldn't find this piece on the website for the Italy based jewelry designer.

Whether amethyst is your birthstone or not, enjoy this lovely bit of warmth and sparkle on a cold February's day. And please have a gander at a previous post about amethysts, their history and the folklore behind them.

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