A Year of Pretty - February 18, 2014

Yesterday I chatted a little about pearls. Today, it's lace.

I love lace. Good, high quality lace. Which is strange, because growing up I was a no-frills-what-so-ever kind of girl.

In the midst to designing this Great Gatsby Challenge, I've done a bunch of research into where to get good lace; especially lace trim. Wide lace trim. In delicate colours. The local fabric stores don't seem to carry a great selection, and what they do carry is often quite garish (lime green lace? Um, no)

So I've found a couple sources on etsy. More than a couple actually. Most offer lace trim between three to five inches wide, with a soft mesh background so that you can apply the lace and cut away what you don't need.

Perfect for a hemline or at the shoulders of a 1920's style dress. And the ones shown (right) match my colour pallet.

And remember: I love you like vintage loves lace.

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